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Chile Prunes


  • January / 2019

The visit began on Monday with breakfast in ProChile, where they were received by the top representatives of the sectoral brands that organized the activity: Fruits from Chile, ChilePork, Chile Olive Oil, Chile Prunes, and Chile Nut, and which had the support of ProChile.

In the afternoon, the journalists participated in a cooking show, where Chef Rodrigo Marañao made various preparations based on fresh fruits, meats, prunes, nuts, avocados and olive oil, which were accompanied by national wines. The event began with a cocktail where they served salmon toast with prune sauce, an avocado mouse with shrimp, chorizo ginger ceviche, “pil pil” pork loin and pork meat stuffed with nuts. All this accompanied by natural juices, wines, and blueberry pisco sour.

The cooking show menu included salmon carpaccio and mussel soup with rice paste, and roasted pork leg. Among the options for the main course, they emphasized: a grill with mix of cuts of pork, salmon, mussels in its shell, grilled avocados and a mix of roasted fruits. Meanwhile, the dessert was topped with pisco cherries with walnuts and cream; blueberry mousse with kiwi, dried plums and nectarines and grapes.

The following days the delegation met the different industries involved in this project. On the day corresponding to Chile Prunes, the group visited the processing plant and orchard of our partner company Sofruco.  During this visit, they were able to see the route the fruit takes from the moment it arrives from the orchard and goes through the different stages of dehydration, tenderizing and packing in order to reach tables all over the world in compliance with the highest standards.   At the orchard, it was explained the treatment the trees receive to produce the fruit of the best quality and the level of technology used in this stage.

Thanks to our virtual reality project, they were able to see in an immersive way through images and videos in 360º each stage that was shown to them during the visit.