Based on a meeting with the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) we inform you that those barracks that are within the control area of Lobesia botrana and whose harvest begins before or on the same day February 20, are freed from making the applications for the control of the third generation of the plague.

All those barracks that are scheduled to start harvesting after 20 February, must make the applications for the third generation and keep the crop protected from the first notice of application made by the SAG for the third generation (first days of February) until the end of the harvest or while there is fruit in the orchard.

It is further recalled that applications must be informed to the SAG office corresponding to your locality, at least 48 hours in advance.

We also remind you, that it is mandatory to give 5 business days notice to the local SAG office the start of harvest. This notice must be sent via email or personally at the SAG office.

Also remember to sign the Operational Work Plans (TEP) for each drying court or dewatering oven. It is recalled that the PNLb ID code since last season is being replaced by a general code for the SAG (CSG code). It is recalled that obtaining this code is mandatory and those orchards that do not have this code must obtain it by registering in

For inquiries please review the SAG website or channel your inquiries through Chile Prunes to the [email protected] mail.

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