• 1 can of chilled coconut cream
  • 10 prunes without pit
  • 3 frozen bananas (ideally ripe)
  • 2 cucharaditas de esencia de vainilla
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence
  • Dark chocolate toppings and chopped strawberries (optional)


Ideal for summer and these last days of heat. Most of the ice cream on the market contains milk and animal derivatives, so when I met this recipe it became one of my favorites, plus coconut has refreshing full properties.
The body always commands, so when it makes you want sweet I give it to you but in a friendly, healthy and conscious way, that is, without guilt! It is also high in fiber, easy to prepare, looks very creamy and with a delicious taste.
That’s how easy, natural, friendly to your body and the environment… enjoy it!

1.Liquefy the coconut cream next to the prunes, the panela or stevia and the vanilla essence.
2.Incorporate the bananas and continue to blend until everything is integrated.
3.Keep in the frezeer for a couple of hours so that it takes consistency in case it is not sufficiently frozen.
4.Remove it from the freezer a few minutes before serving and adding the toppings.

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