In Chépica on July 30, located in the province of Colchagua, the second workshop of the Node of prunes export was held, which consisted of a talk by the Technical Coordinator of Chile Prunes and then a field day to share field knowledge of the regulation of prunes loading for dehydration.

The assistance exceeded expectations which leaves us very excited to continue developing activities in which we work hand-in-hand for the benefit of our sector, says Andrés Rodríguez, Ceo of Chile Prunes, and who welcomed the attendees and contextualized the motivation of the guild to work in a way associated with the producers.

Carolina Palacios, director of the Office of Development of the Metropolitan Region of Asoex (operator agent of the Node of export prunes – project financed by Corfo), was also surprised by the call “that I had not seen before”, and where “there was a lot of interest in the management of the grated and pruning, fundamental points for the caliber and size of the fruit that will be developed later , during the curd and subsequent processes that come with the cultivation of prunes”.

The specialist added that these programs are very useful because of the knowledge acquired to improve quality, as well as for the networks that can establish entrepreneurs in improving their production. “This project that encourages commercialization is key in an industry where Chile is the world’s leading exporter of prunes,” he says.

Patricio Salgado, general manager of Agricultural Río Peumo (located in Rengo and who has 180 hectares planted with prunes), was surprised by the high quality of the talks held, “I hope there are more of these initiatives”; while Juan Eduardo Guzmán, manager of Agrícola Enriqueta García-Huidobro considers that “these programs are very positive in which you can talk with other producers, and see different scenarios around prunes”. Finally, Juan Pablo Sotomayor technical manager of Frutexsa, adds that he sees very beneficial that exporters are in joint workshops with the producers, enhancing the knowledge of both parties, all with the aim of getting a better fruit to the markets.

ChilePrunes, the trade association of Processors and Exporters of prunes of Chile was responsible for the execution of this program, these activities are open to all producers, can consult about the activities to come in [email protected] or follow us on our instagram.

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