Considering recent rainfall in the productive areas, with rainfall from 25 mm to 108 mm, in different locations, it has been observed that the pressure has dropped rapidly, important fruit falls are displayed, a lot of moisture is maintained in the orchards, given the above it is important to highlight some suggestions.

1.Load bins or boxes, shell hoppers to courts, baking trays, consider that the fruit is soft with low pressures and the idea is to prevent it from crushing or bursting, given that the recommendation is that they are adjusted by regulating the volume of the container.

2.Chileprunes does not recommend picking fruit from the soil.

3.Preparing courts, preferring dry soils, validating moisture
of the ground beforehand.

4.Preparation of courts with herbicides at least 4 days prior
to the installation of meshes and fruit.

5.Suggested application of Tecsa Clor 200cc / 100 Lt water meshes.

6.Filling of courts with less fruit per surface,
facilitate movement and allow ventilation.

7.Recurrent fruit flipping on drying court meshes,
when the fruit permits.

8.Complement with unique option fruit fungicide in meshes,
is Tecsa Clor, dose 200cc / 100 Lt water.

9.Al time to lift fruit for the drying term, it must have
the firmness condition of the skin that allows the transfer and handling.

10.In case you have any questions do not hesitate to call your advisor.

Note; Tecsa Clor Provider Protection, Phone (56-2)23460200 –(56-2)68440662

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