• For the syrop 1 l of water 120 g of sugar 1 peel of a red apple 1 lemon and 1 orange sliced 1 star anise 1 clove 1 vanilla piece 1 piece of cinnamon (5 cm) 1 dried prune 1 dried fig 1 dried abricot 10 mint leaves
  • For cooked fruits and vegetables 100 g of chopped carrots 100 g of chopped celery 100 g of chopped fennel 100 g of chopped apples 100 g of chopped pears 100 g of chopped pineapple 100gr of chopped violet aubergines
  • For fresh fruits 100 g of chopped orange 100 g of chopped banana 100 g of chopped kiwi without seeds 100 g of cherries cut in half 100 g of chopped abricots 100 g of chopped peach 100 g of raisin 100 g of blueberries 100 g of currant 100 g of small strawberries
  • or the fruit in syrop 100 g of apricots 100 g of cherries To finish Mint leaves just enough Celery leaves just enough Tarragon just enough Time just enough Rosemary flowers just enough Basilic just enough


1) Prepare a syrup boiling 2 liters of sugary water with all spices, orange peel, lemon peel and red appleskin. Keep it in infusion like tea for about 10 minutes. 2) Filter the syrup. 3) Chop the vegetables as if it were a normal soup and let them boil in the syrup in different saucepans according to the different cooking times of the vegetables. 4) Repeat the same procedure for fruits (except red fruits) paying attention not to overcook and keep them crisp. 5) Mix all ingredients and put them on a deep plate. 6) Garnish with red fruits, spices, flowers and olives flavoured with vanilla and garnish with white chocolate in flakes.

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